EBLO appointed as importer of Racetech Seats

EBLO is pleased to announce that we have become an importer of the Racetech brand of Sports Seats. These seats are currently among the top FIA approved racing seats and are manufactured in New Zealand.

Extra mounting point in the back
The seats are distinguished by their ergonomic design, rigidity and overall structural safety. It is also unique that they are available in two width sizes, XL and XXL . The Racetech Seats are also currently the only seats with an additional mounting point on the backrest. As a result, the seat is better connected to the car’s cage, which gives the driver extra control.

High-quality Kevlar
Also unique is the built-in cooling system, an air hose connection on the backrest provides fresh air in the seat and backrest. These Sports seats are available in high-quality, lightweight Kevlar and fiberglass.

For aftermarket and private drivers
The seats are already built as standard in the Porsche RSR, but are now also available to the aftermarket for Sport drivers and also keen private drivers who place high demands on comfort and safety. For more information, contact Evert Mallie (mallie@eblo.nl).


Racetech Seats Porsche


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