About EBLO

EBLO Seating

Over the last 35 years we have become specialists in solving seating problems. Due to the ever increasing demand for ergonomically correct work environments our seating program is constantly subject to expansion. People are becoming more aware of the importance of a correct work environment, improving productivity and the wellbeing of your personnel. To meet that demand, we aim to provide a seating solution which will help prevent back and other related pains arising from being seated.


Our team of specialists cooperate with other national bodies in the testing of our products to ensure that our seats comply with current legislation enabling us to provide a solution for your problem. This means our seating program is almost inexhaustible as we are dedicated to the demands of our clients, offering you the most productive and cost effective seating solution for all work environments.

A solution does not always mean the purchase of a new seat, by reviewing the current situation we can advise of any suitable adjustments that can be made to increase the wellbeing of your personnel.

We are committed to our customers, providing superior products and excellent services to go with them. Please contact us to get you a seating solution for your problem.