Corporate social responsibility

EBLO is aware of its social responsibility. We strive to make this more and more a part of our  business operations.

Download our documentation (Dutch): Code of conduct for suppliers, integrity declarationEnvironmental policy

All work environments designed according to the applicable health and safety requirements, guidelines and advisements. If no use is made of equipment they are turned off and not on stand-by. The building has been fitted with a circulation system, creating warmth and fresh air in the building, which is properly distributed, so there is no need for extra heating than absolutely necessary. We do not work with aggressive environmentally damaging chemicals or cleaning products. Our boxes are to a large extent made from recycled cardboard.

Sustainability and our staff

All material which our staff use, both office and warehouse staff, is separated as much as possible, collected and recycled. You can think of waste paper and cardboard, pallets and cartridges. It is also encouraged to, as much as possible, to make use of car-pooling for the employees who live close to each other. We also have a bicycle plan.

EBLO also offers the possibility for social employment and reintegration projects, for people who have been unemployed for longer periods of time.


We like to show our social commitment, by sponsoring local initiatives. We support various sports associations and social initiatives. In addition to our business operations, we believe it is important to have a yearly number of organisations and sports clubs to sponsor, examples include Wereld Ouders, TVKL and VFC.

Wereld Ouders
Wereld Ouders gives homeless children structural assistance to nine countries in Latin America. In our family shelters we give these children a home. With love and attention, care, protection, education, medical care and an education, we ensure that they have a future. A future that not only benefits themselves but also their community.


V.v. Spirit
We have been sponsoring this football club from Ouderkerk aan den IJssel for several years in various ways. This season we sponsor the clothing of the Veterans first team.

We have also supported the Vlaardingse Soccer Association for a long time. The coming seasons we provided one of the youth teams of clothing.

At TVKL we have been the main sponsor the last few years, supporting the annual Open tournament, the EBLO seating Open. We are very happy that we are the main sponsor of one of the friendliest tennis tournaments here in the region.