Grammer MSG95-722 / 1150920 Construction machinery seat

Top of the range low-frequency air suspension seat designed to compensate vibrations in heavy construction machines. Vertical vibrations and jolts are minimised by the seat’s low natural frequencies, preventing the build-up of violent rocking. This makes is comfortable to use so you can work in a relaxed, stress-free manner without tiring. The strain on your back is noticeably reduced, benefiting both your health and fitness in the long run.

Standard features

  • Low-frequency air suspension with integrated 12V/24V compressor
  • Electronically controlled suspension positioning system
  • Suspension travel 100 mm
  • Electronic weight adjustment 50-130 kg
  • Active climate system
  • Slide rail travel 210 mm
  • Height adjustment  80 mm, continuously
  • Horizontal suspension
  • Adjustable shock absorber
  • Adjustable seat cushion depth and angle
  • Headrest
  • Height adjustable and foldable armrests
  • Adjustable backrest angle
  • Adjustable backrest angle
  • Operator presence switch (OPS)
  • Seat belt

Additional information