Scoop: Mega simulator arrives in EBLO’s showroom

EBLO simulator seat crane

Now, you are welcome to experience real port training and at the same time test out our range of crane seats with this crane simulator.

Recently, EBLO Seating installed a super-large simulator from CM Labs Simulations Inc. of Canada in our showroom. This system allows Container crane operators to be trained by means of a virtual presentation and test skill, speed and accuracy.

The seat with joystick console in this simulator model vibrates and reacts to simulate the real working environment in a crane cabin. The crane operator is exposed to all kinds of real circumstances such as weather conditions (rain, wind, snow), day and night work and emergencies. If need be, the seat in the simulator can be adapted according to the wishes of the user. EBLO has a wide range of well-known brands such as ISRIGrammer and UnitedSeats that can be used.

In addition to this simulation model for container trainers, CM Labs Simulations Inc. also has training modules for operators of Excavators and Carriers, as well as  forklift and piling equipment drivers, For these specialist applications, EBLO can offer bespoke seating solutions. We also offer generic seats for trucks, forklifts, airport tractors, container transporters and all kinds of construction machines.

If you are interested in testing the simulator, to experience this ‘very realistic virtual training’ and to look at our crane seat range, then make an appointment without obligation and we welcome you to our showroom.

To see more how the system works please see the video from CM Labs!