RMA (Return) Procedure

1. Which items fall under the RMA procedure?
All items delivered directly through EBLO Seating fall under this procedure and may be returned.

2. Reasons for returning an item
There are several reasons for returning an item to us:

  • You have received or ordered to many items;
  • You may have received or purchased the wrong item;
  • The item received is damaged or broken.

In any case you will require the RMA form and corresponding RMA number. Please download the RMA form here.

3. Obtaining a RMA-number
To obtain a RMA number, please call your contact person. Kindly explain the reason why you wish to return an item and your contact person will issue you with an RMA number if deemed appropriate. This number must be referenced on all paperwork.

4. Validity of a RMA-number
Once you’ve received a RMA number, the item must be collected within a 5 day period or the number will no longer be valid.

5. Returning items
The items being returned should be properly packed and for ready collection. A return address shall be provided by your contact person and must be clearly visible on the packaging. Make sure the RMA form is visible on the outside of the packaging clearly stating the reason for return.

Make sure the item(s) are ready for collection in the original, undamaged packaging and all accessories are present along with a copy of the packing list. Poorly packed or incomplete shipments with or without a valid RMA form will not be accepted and returned to sender.

6. Too many or incorrectly supplied items
Should you have received to many or incorrect items, these will be collected and credited, provided that this is reported within 5 days of delivery. Items that have been incorrectly  ordered can be collected, restocking charges will apply of 10% of the sales price, with a minimum of € 40,-. The collection charges are for your account.

If we are arrange collection of a return, but this is not ready at the first pickup attempt,  ready, we will attempt a second pickup. Products or incorrect quantities supplied by EBLO  shall be returned without restocking fees.

7. Damaged or defective product
In case of a damaged or defective product, please contact your contact person within EBLO Seating, so that an appropriate solution can be agreed, provided that this is reported within 5 days of delivery.