Customer Warranty Policy

The EBLO seating products are supplied with the following warranties:

  1. Seats – 12 months from original date of invoice.
  2. Seat accessories – 6 months
  3. Spare parts – 6 months


The Customer shall report complaints immediately in writing and in details. Obvious defects shall be reported within five working days of receipt of goods. After an agreed acceptance has been carried out, notification of defects that could have been determined at this acceptance are excluded.


In case of justified complaints due to defects, EBLO will undertake to replace or repair a faulty detail and to rectify any fault on delivered goods that is caused by shortage in material or in manufacturing. For warranty or reclamation claims, EBLO Seating reserves the right to require a written reclamation application by the customer and also a proof of purchase or otherwise prove the delivery date. Use the RMA Return Form for reclamations.

The warranty does not apply:

a)    If the product is damaged as a result of:

–       Transportation

–       Improper storage

–       Incorrect usage

–       Overdue maintenance

–       Exposure to salt water, excess humidity or liquid spills

–       Abuse of any kind

b)    If the products has been damaged after delivery, modified without having written permission by EBLO seating or has been repaired in a faulty manner.

c)    To reasonable Wear & Tear (upholstery, foams, armrests etc.)

EBLO Seating will cover all transport costs that are connected with the repair or replacement between EBLO and the dealer. Eventual transport costs or service costs from end user are not included in the warranty from EBLO seating.

When goods have been damaged in transport, EBLO refers to the valid delivery “Incoterms 2000”, if no other agreement has been made. In case of any transport claims, this is to be between the buyer of the goods and the forwarder. Returned product under reclamation that is burdened with fault which is not within the frame of EBLO’s warranty responsibility, EBLO has the right to have compensation in the costs occurred.


Under no circumstances shall EBLO Seating be liable for any loss or damage, direct or consequential; including, without limitations, cost profits, the cost of goodwill and work stoppage arising from a fault in product. EBLO reserves the right to make changes to the product without notice.